Have you ever asked the question, “Why?”

Of course you have.  We all have!   A lot of times we’re asking, “Why Me?”  Or perhaps, “Why is this happening?  Why am I here? Why God, why?”  The questions of why can be endless!

Rarely do I hear my coaching clients or patients asking, “Why not me?”  We wonder why things are happening to us when things don’t seem to be going well, but often forget to ask when things are going our way. For example, “Wow, this is so amazing!  Yes, I am experiencing my dreams, and why not me?!”  The majority of people don’t ask questions like this.  We seem to only question when we are getting what we DON’T desire, instead of when we are.

Why is that?

I believe a better question would be this, “Is it possible that the life you’re living is a reflection of the questions you ask?”  What if you could actually have what you ask for?  What if all things really were possible?

Would that change the way you ask questions?  Would this change WHEN you ask?  It would (and it has) for me!  Asking out of a heart space of abundance is far more creative (and fun) than asking from an impoverished one.

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!  What if the receiving was in the asking?  What if clearly seeing the answer was stated clearly in your questions? (Now THAT  is deep…)

What if your “What If” questions could be questions that empowered you, and held possibility instead of problems?  Imagine if your imagination saw the “IF” being big, bold and beautiful?

So often we ask God for what we want Him to do.  What if you started to ask Him for the results that you desire?  For instance, instead of asking for what you want Him to do for you (or others to do for you)…you boldly stated your desire…”I WANT TO SEE!”  This is much more empowering than asking for God to heal your eyes.

What if you asked yourself questions based on the vision that you do have versus the one you do not? (YES!)

Be courageous enough to ask for what you desire.  In order to do so, you must be willing to clearly see what that is.  What do you see?  Do you see problems?  Do you see solutions?  Do you see how it is or  how it can be?  Do you see the possibility in knowing what you desire?

Once we see how it can be, we can not only ask for it…we can have it!  Why?  Because when we see it, it is already ours!

Seeing is not only believing; believing is seeing!