From the moment she steps onstage, Dr. Shannon captivates, compels, adjusts heads + hearts, and inspires healing in her audience from the inside, out by engaging with them heart to heart. Her personal and professional experience outlines a dynamic new perspective on how to heal your life well and fully engage in life so you can love your LIFE + LIFE’S WORK WELL.

She reveals the power of locating yourself while facing your fears and uncovering hidden dreams and desires. She helps you know the truth about what you believe so you can live and love well with conscious beliefs that support your dreams and desires. You’ll discover your value so you can fully receive and engage with a life you love. She’ll also teach you how to be a celebrity by celebrating and loving the one who is celebrated.

If you’re looking for a Healing Life Coach to empower your corporate body, or a keynote speaker to inspire your audience at your next event, Dr. Shannon will deliver WELL directly to you and your team.

Signature WELLTH  Workshops

H.E.A.L. Your Life WELL
Have you found yourself in a place that doesn’t resemble the life you had hoped for? Are you running a race that has taken you further from your desires, dreams, or destination? So, where do you go from here?

Whether you are suffering from the detour of pain, burnout, obesity, sickness, dis-ease, a breakup or breakdown…a breakthrough is possible!

Dr. Shannon is very familiar with this road of discovery. Allow her to lead you on a journey that takes you through a process of awakening the hope and healing within you, and resurrect the life of your dreams.


  • Knowing and expecting what you desire
  • Tapping into the WELL of life within you
  • Recognizing your value and accessing it
  • Living a renowned life of empowerment
Love Your Life Well
Have you ever wondered, “Is this as good as it gets?” Do you desire something better, something more? If you are feeling stressed, tired or empty…then it’s time to tap into your WELL.

If you have lost your EASE and life has become hard, there’s hope! Even though dis-ease has become very common, true health isn’t uncommon. And it can be accessed with sense…not dollars!

Dr. Shannon has revealed to thousands of people how to access the common sense of great health and wellness, and now you can experience it too.


  • Diagnose the beliefs and fears that may be hazardous to your health and holding you back
  • Identify where you are in the process, and what your life (and body) may be telling you
  • Solve the chronic problem of knowing what to do, but not doing it
  • KNOW how you can have what you desire and be WELLTHIER than ever
WELLTH: From the Inside, Out
Live Light + Live Large
Stress comes in all shapes and sizes.  Perhaps it is not what’s coming at us, but what’s in us that matters most. Carrying loads we were never meant to carry- physically, mentally, and spiritually- will take a toll…or become the toll that we pay.

A heavy life will wear you out before you ever get to your destination.  Learn valuable strategies to lighten your life so you can live the big life you desire.

Dr. Shannon will show you how she traveled around the world to go from 6,000 square feet to 411 in the Big Apple:


  • Release baggage and lighten the load
  • Become inspired and increase energy
  • Get moving and maximize influence
  • Wake up and start dreaming again
  • Act now versus performing later

doctor shannon SPEAKS

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