photo-191Is the pool of living, infinite water of love a responsibility?


To enter is the ability to respond to the life giving water that is in you.

It’s not about being responsible for “IT”, or him/her, but YOU, and the love that is in you so that you are able to drink of the goodness, and never go thirsty, empty, or become full…but simply full-filled.

We come to bring, not to take.

We are there to revel in the vastness of the gift of love and life.

We are there to be a part of the partaking, by giving ourselves wholly and freely to the gift that is within us.

And to bring life and love to it.

Are you ready to enter into the life giving water of love?

I invite you to dive in, and become…

Please comment below and if you dare…please share what “LOVE” means to you.  🙂