“Life After Death”…Lessons I’m Learning About LIVING After Death.

Death? Yes, it’s definitely something so many of us would rather not think about, talk about or “anything” about!

I get it. That was me too, prior to almost three weeks ago.

Now as I’m living life after the death of both my parents, I find great comfort in talking about “IT”.

“IT”, meaning…life after death.

As my parents were leaving church on the evening of February 17, 2016, they were killed in a car accident, only minutes from the church I grew up in, and across the street from where my Mom grew up.

They were young…only 71 and 70 years old. They met when they were 15, got married at 17, and entered “Life After Death” together after almost 54 years of marriage.

No one ever expects death, but let’s face it…NONE OF US ARE GETTING OUT OF HERE ALIVE!

Although I have great comfort in my belief that they’re experiencing an incredible life after death; I, on the other hand, am painfully learning how to navigate “Life After (Their) Death”. ┬áIt’s definitely an UNBELIEVABLE experience, but one that I’m learning to believe.

This is what I’ve learned so far:

1. The only way to buy time in the future is to spend it in the now.

Trust me, after someone you love passes away, you will want to buy back some time with them. You would give everything you own to have even another minute with them. Wishing won’t bring them back, but spending time with him/her (or both) NOW brings them with you. Don’t waste a single moment.

2. Everything, except LOVE, is quite honestly…meaningless.

I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I’m happy to announce that the Beatles were right, “Love is All You Need.” Ever since I received the news of my parents’ death, my whole life and perspective of it have changed. If it’s not LOVE, it has no value. Love God (LOVE), your life and those in it, including YOURSELF. Remember that you’re on planet earth for a purpose, and that is to be the river that the water of LOVE flows to and through. Share what’s inside you and your heart today. Please don’t wait until tomorrow.

3. BELIEF is the key that unlocks it all.

Hope is foundational for love and life. It’s also the key to healing. Hope is belief, desire, and trust. Without belief, hope is devoid of power. And without belief, LOVE is without meaning. When we believe, we open a floodgate of life that flows. Where it flows, we can go and grow. I now believe in not only Life After Death for those who pass before us, but I believe that life after death for those of us remaining can be blessed with a whole new way of viewing and living LIFE. I share it with you today…in the NOW.

Live it. Love it. FULLY.

LOVE. LIFE. And those in it.

xo Dr. Shannon