The quality of our answers depends on the quality of your questions.

Our life is the answer to these questions.

Do you believe that you can receive what you desire?

Do you know what you desire?

Do you have what you desire?

Pause…think about that. Do you have what you desire?

No matter how you answered that, the truth is…you have your desire. The question is; do you have the trust necessary to receive it? And, are you willing to ask the essential questions to discover the answers you may not even know you’re seeking?

Your key is clarity.

Do you have the clarity needed to see through what’s in you, and in front of you, to break through your subluxated beliefs?

Before you answer that, please allow me to define this word, “subluxation”.

In the medical world it means “a condition of incomplete or partial dislocation.”

Dislocation = bad. Subluxation = bad.

In the chiropractic world it also means, “interference to the function of your nervous system due to vertebral displacement”. Which means that the life flowing through you (this includes your ability to heal and be well) is less than it’s designed to be. Subluxation = less nerve function, life and healing = very bad.

In the Latin world, the word “lux” means, “light”. By this definition a subluxation is “a condition of less light”. Less light means heavy and or dark. Subluxation = heavy and dark.

In my world, as being both a Chiropractor and a Healing Life Coach, this has become the most predominant subluxation I see. In fact, I would say it has reached epidemic proportions. People are walking around feeling, as well as being, heavy and in the dark. This has left well-meaning individuals unclear, uncertain, uninspired, and unable to move ahead in life with clarity and ease.

Diagnosis = Stressed, Overweight, Disengaged, Stuck…Dis-eased.

Prescription = Drugs, Diets, Therapy, Searching…Disease Management.

It’s time to ask yourself, “Is this really what I want or do I desire more?”

I believe the answer is an emphatic NO…and YES!

So what’s going to turn the LIGHT back on in your life?

Perhaps it’s not a new prescription that you need, but a new script for how you’re thinking and talking to (and about) you. It’s time for a BELIEF REPLACEMENT SURGERY or THE ULTIMATE ADJUSTMENT that replaces an old, ill-fitting belief with one that fits well or removes the interference in your current belief system.

How? It happens by engaging your head and heart with an adjustment that aligns YOU with YOUR TRUTH.

The following, my friend, is my recommended CARE PLAN; although it may not be what you think.

It comes down to hope and faith, which include the following:

  1. Belief
  2. Desire
  3. Trust

Faith is the substance of what we hope for. Hope is what we positively expect based on our belief, desire, and trust. Based on these we have faith. The question is, faith in what? It depends on our belief, desire and trust. If any one of these is based in fear, then our faith will be in fear. If they are based in love, then our faith will be in love.

Fear is a powerful energy. It creates whatever it’s directed toward. Ultimately coming back around in a vicious circle of destruction…creative destruction. This means that we create that which we do not desire, and ultimately it destroys the space necessary to create the desires of our heart.

The only energy more powerful than fear is that of LOVE. It too is wildly powerful! It will create the desires of your heart, because it’s the true desire in your heart. You’ve been designed to love because you were created in the image of LOVE. Therefore your DNA resonates with, while your heart beats in rhythm to, this innate force of LOVE…and LIFE.

Wherever we direct LOVE, it goes and grows. Wherever we direct fear, it also goes and grows. What you desire to grow will determine how you allow the desires of your heart to be directed. If your desire IS LOVE, and it’s your FIRST LOVE, then it will reproduce more of its own by directing itself with love. If your desire is not, and instead it’s rooted in fear, you will continue to fall short in all that you have and do. You’ll continue to feel like you’re never enough, life will not be fulfilling, and your search will continue to take you in circles. Not the circle of life, but the circle of less, loss and losing.

Where your belief is, there too is your being. Take a look at your life, and you’ll be able to see the signs and symptoms of your belief system. If it looks and feels heavy and dark, it’s time to turn the light toward your beliefs and expose the root of your suffering. A belief that doesn’t serve your desire is one decision away from a new belief that does. That’s right. You can choose a new belief that will redefine your life, and allow you to begin anew.

Healing begins and ends at your innermost core…your beliefs…what you think. If you adjust your beliefs, then you can align them with your desires and be empowered to clearly trust the process from the inside, out.

Your answer may not be what you think, but you will be what you think.

 Getting clear about what you desire will allow you to know with certainty what you’re creating. You can then ask yourself, “Is this what I choose to create?”

That will change the way you think and the way you BE and LIVE.

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