If you’ve ever felt as though finding love was like choosing the winning door on a game show, I’ve got news for you!

First, it’s no game!  Once you understand the rules of the game by realizing that it’s no game at all, you will be much more likely to open the door.

Second, it’s not someone else’s door.  It’s your door.  And it’s the door to your heart.

Third, the three keys that open it are…

1.  Love the One who can open your heart because He is the One who magnificently and masterfully created it.  God.  That’s right.  And I’m not talking about God as a Religion, but God as a Personal Relationship.  When I allowed Jesus to enter my heart FULLY, my heart expanded enough to allow true love to flow in.

2.  Love Yourself.  So often we forget that until we truly love ourselves, it’s not possible to truly love others.  The love you have for yourself will be the limiting factor in your love for another.  Of course I’m not talking about selfish, self-centered love.  I’m talking about love that is patient, kind, and truly unconditional.  Imagine a love like that?

Often we do.  But we dream about “the one” who will show us this kind of love.  While all along, we are not willing to show it to ourselves.  If you are looking for “the one”…he or she is not “out there”.  That ONE is staring back at you while you stand in front of the mirror that is your heart. 🙂

3.  Living in and loving from the connection between your heart and your mind.  We love from our heart, but without the connection between the heart and the mind…it will seem impossible to live there.  Love is more than a feeling.  Love is a freedom that’s discovered when we lead with our heart and allow our mind to partner with wisdom, peace and choice.  They reside in that connected place of heart and mind.

These three keys not only unlock the door of love, but they keep it unlocked.  Even if the door closes, it can always be opened again.

Love is a choice.  When you choose to own these keys (and use them), love is endless.