Dr. Shannon Knows is a straightforward, easy-to-follow inspiring book, overflowing with proven, effective solutions. After helping thousands of people discover personal healing and health for life, she will also empower you to make healthy your habit.

This unique 12-Step Program will help you:

Discover the “one thing” that seems to be missing in your life

Expose hidden fears that are causing you pain

Know what you truly desire and get it

Tap into your source of great value and WELLTH

Experience prosperous health and happiness

Identify the best questions to ASK…so you receive

Establish a healthy relationship with food

Release excess weight so you will never find it again

Find out how to be a celebrity

Live the life you were designed to live

Be your best…and heal from the inside, out

BECOME ADDICTED to the habit of being healthy!


DSS_Icons_EyeGuided Visualization for your Board Meeting experience.

E.A.T 4 life

DSS_Icons_appleFree Nutritional Eating Plan from Dr. Shannon

Be A Revolution!

DSS_Icons_3pplAre you WELLTHY and have a revolutionary story?