Yesterday I posted some pics from my morning in Central Park. Today my daughter texted, and informed me that unknowingly I must have put a “filter” on my camera. Wow, I didn’t realize it, but she was right. The pictures looked so different (and SO much better) without the filter!

Look at the difference a simple filter can make in the quality of what we see…

It made me wonder how many times we see things through unconscious filters, and somehow miss the beauty of what is truly available for us to experience. Filters can come from past hurts, judgements, expectations, beliefs, attitudes or ideas that are unexpressed, and many times unknown. The “not so rose-colored” glasses will affect our perception, which ultimately can affect our reality. Or create it!

A filter is a lot like a vertebral subluxation (spinal bone out of alignment) because it changes how much light is present, and changes the quality of everything…especially our health. Health is not only full expression of life, but full expression of light and love.

Removing the filter can create an entirely different picture of health…

It’s amazing the difference that one little adjustment can make!

If you haven’t had your spine checked for subluxation (bad filters) lately, call your chiropractor on Monday morning, and experience a more beautiful perception of your health and your life!