“T…im…e is on my side. Yes it is.” Perhaps the Rolling Stones were right.

Is it really about time management? Or is it about managing or (wo)managing the I’M in T(I’M)E?

Perhaps even attempting to manage something as profound as time is what’s speeding up the man-aging or (wo)man-aging process!

It’s time to focus not on your watch, but the man or woman who’s looking at it.

Your “I’M” has more to do with your life and time than you imagine!

I am not ON time or OUT OF time. I’M in T(I’M)E and so are you.

If you’ve ever noticed how relative time is you know exactly what I’M talking about. The days go by slowly but the years pass quickly. The minutes tick by, but the hours fly. You’re early if you show up before expected, and late if you don’t. Expectations, perceptions, and definitions have more to do with it than the dials on the clock.

Am I right or am I right?

Some say they are a “Morning Person” or a “Night Person”. I’M quite simply a “Today” Person, learning to play in the middle of this beautiful gift called “T(I’M)E”.

I remember the day I realized I didn’t need to allow time to run my life anymore.  It was the day that “What day?” became “Today” and “What time?” became “Now”.

“How?” you ask.

Something as relative as time must be given individualized attention, because as with anything that’s relative, it’s personal. Very personal. And what if there is plenty of it, and we no longer need to stress about it or be a slave to it?

Instead, we can put our I AM into it and make peace with it once and for all…time!

Yes, I’s about time! (I agree!)

What T(I’M)E is on your side, really?

Would you fully engage with it, in it, and within it? Would you allow yourself to fully DATE the date?

What is this War on Time business anyway? It’s time to make Love not War! It’s time to become ONE with it, until death do us part.

The answer?

Become one with the I AM that you are and the I AM that gave it to you in the first place. Then do it well for a life…time!

If you want to do life well, live your day well.

If you want to live your day well, love it well.

If you desire to love it well, you must love the T(I’M)E you’re in…loving and DATING YOU WELL!

It will love you back!


xo  Dr. Shannon