Even garbage looks good in my New York City!

How many times do we throw out a treasure that perhaps still has beauty to give?

It makes me think of all the wonder-filled ideas, goals, and intentions that we started the New Year with. Some way, some how we either forgot about them, misplaced them, lost them, or gave up on them and threw them away.

Good news, you can pull that piece of art out of the garbage…there is still time to create a masterpiece!

What would you still like to accomplish this year?
What you would need to do to double your health/happiness in the last quarter of 2014?
What strategies have you already tried to improve your life/health that worked?
What didn’t work? Or hasn’t worked yet?
What do you think holds you back the most?

Talk to me in the comments below. Perhaps I can help you find beauty in what appears to be garbage; a treasure in what appears to be trash. Please don’t throw it out quite yet!