photo-224A dear friend of mine asked me this question today.  I’ve been pondering it ever since.

It’s inspired me to ask the question, “What is time anyway?”  To which I responded, “It’s life.”

Or is it?

Is time life?  Or is life time?

Life is time, but of course! Otherwise we would spend our “timelife” living our life…but instead, we spend our lifetime living our life.

Or do we spend our lifetime spending our time?

If life is time, then spending our time is actually spending our life.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason the thought of spending my life seems much more serious and sacred (and in need of greater attention) than simply spending my time.

Do we need time management or life management?  Perhaps all we need in order to master the art of time management is a simple adjustment to how we define, perceive, and live time.

Life came first, then there was time.  When we focus on life first, time has a lot more value and meaning, and doesn’t seem to need as much management as it beckons to be mastered and lived!