Have you ever wondered what “Happy” really is?

It seems as though we all have our own definition of happy, and it changes depending on the day or time of day!

As many have heard me talk or write about, I believe that happy is overrated.


Because we put so much emphasis on it, and “finding it” that often times we actually lose our happy while attempting to find it.

That’s because we are looking for others to make us happy.  Or for things to make us happy.

Do people “make happy” for others?  Do things “make happy”?  Do days “make happy”?  Do hours “make happy”?

The one thing we all seem to agree on when it comes to making us happy is that IT’S MADE!

Instead of trying to find it, why not put our focus on making it for ourselves!

If you’ve ever witnessed a happy baby, you will see the key ingredients for happy…well rested, well fed, clean diaper, and someone paying attention to them while smiling and talking their language.

When was the last time you gave yourself rest, or fed yourself well?  Have you released the waste that you’ve been carrying around on your back side?  Would it be possible to pay yourself some unconditional and loving attention with a smile, while talking to yourself in a language that you understand and makes you smile?

In summary, these are the 7 Simple Steps of Making Happy.

1. Rest Yourself Well

2. Feed Yourself Well

3.  Change Yourself by releasing the waste that’s in your back side.

4.  Pay Attention to Yourself

5.  Unconditionally Love Yourself Well

6.  Talk to Yourself with Understanding

7. Smile at Yourself in a way that makes you smile

My hope is that these simple, yet profound steps will help you in your journey of fully engaging and falling in love with YOU… and your life!

The best way to make love to yourself is to make happy with what’s within you!



xo  Dr. Shannon