(Excerpt from best selling book, Date Yourself Well – Chapter 10)

YOU bring the love to your life. Love. Life. To bring them together, you must be together and do life together.

There are seven secrets to being in love TO GET HER:

  1. Pursue: In order TO GET HER, and be a great date, with a great life, you must PURSUE. Pursuing her is vital! We need not pursue anyone or anything else. When you pursue your heart, and the ONE that you innately are, you will attract that which you desire. There is no need to pursue that which you can attract.
  1. Priority: When you become a priority in your own life, you will be a priority. I remember being so heartbroken when my past husband told me I wasn’t a priority in his life. It hurt so deeply. Until I realized that the hurt was coming from within me. I was crying to a friend as I told my “Poor Me” story. After I hung up the phone, I heard a wise voice from within ask me if I were a priority in my own life. Honestly, I answered, “No, I am not.”  The truth was that I had not treated myself as a priority, and I was not a victim. I could (and I did) declare myself a priority in that moment. Ever since then, I have been a priority in my life.

Once I made myself a priority, I passionately allowed my heart to express herself fully. I began to see my dreams expressed in new ways, and a new perspective.

  1. Passion: Passion was no longer simply something I felt inside me, but the “Me” that I passed on to my life and others. Yes, I began to Pass I On with no more holding back, slowing down (except to check in with my priorities), or stopping.

Your passion is not only for you. It’s for the world as a whole to see, sense, and savor. When you “pass your I on”, your entire life changes, because you express who you are with passion and purpose.

  1. Purpose: You have a purpose, a very unique one. Did you know this? Do you believe this? Do you know what that purpose is? Whether or not you know it consciously, don’t worry. It’s there. And when you pursue YOU with passion, your life’s priority and purpose will also come out to play, and be romanced. Trust that it’s there. Submit to the process of your discovery. Let go, and play.
  1. Play: It’s fun. If you continue to have fun with this process of uncovering, and unveiling, you will be able to take your life off “pause”. Turn your life on by playing now, instead of “rewinding” to a good old day or attempting to “fast forward” to some ideal future. Play your date. Play your day. Play it forward.
  1. Persevere: I don’t think there is any coincidence that the words “sever” and “severe” are in this word, “persevere.” In order to get her you must be willing to separate out some of the distinct parts of you in order to see them clearly and uniquely. Then by putting them back together again in Holy Union, you will be able to boldly and beautifully reduce the sometimes painful severity of persevering all circumstances in order to be, and stay, together (fully engaged) with your beloved, peaceful self.
  1. Peace: When you no longer see yourself as missing a “piece” or being a “piece” for someone else, you will begin to experience peace like never before. By fully engaging with the experience of becoming whole and fully together within, you will discover that what used to seem hard, and stressful can be quite easy or as I like to say, “ease-y.” Meaning, with an ease that defies dis-ease or disengagement.

Together (TO GET HER)…you can do anything (EVERYTHING!!!

Date Yourself Well,

xo  Dr. Shannon


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