The first step in becoming the great lover of your life involves a life-changing engagement…the initial step of SHOWING UP!

Without showing up, there’s no you.  And without you, your life has no leading lady; no SHEro.  It also has no meaning.  YOU are the one who brings the meaning, joy, love, life to it…you name it.  Without you, there’s no one to put words on it or in it. Imagine that!

Can you imagine if your life had no name?

Being the lover of not only my life, but words, I can’t imagine my life with no name or meaning to it.

We bring the defining moments, and get to choose how we will speak of it.  What are you willing to call your life today?

Your life requires YOU to show up.  It’s waiting for you to name it, and help write the beautiful story it’s here to tell.

What’s it going to take for you to present yourself in the “present” moment, while being open to whatever your heart is showing you?

The best example for me is when I look at my dear, Stela.  She’s the epitome of unconditional love.  She’s open and ready for wherever I’m taking her. She trusts me.  She cares about nothing else, but being fully present with me in the moment.  Even though she has a “past” that is filled with much trauma (I’m sure…I’ve been told by the people at the shelter where I first met her), she lives and LOVES in the here and now!

Look where it’s taken her.  From a hoarding house in Tennessee, to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, steps away from Central Park.  Every dog’s (girl’s) dream, I’m sure.

Show up.  It all starts with this step.  Nothing seems to be more difficult, while in reality is effortlessly ease-y.  That’s right.  The ease begins when you show up exactly as you are.

No more.  No less.

That’s the first engagement.  The rest will follow.

Date Yourself Well…

xo  Dr. Shannon