Date Yourself Well

Date Yourself Well

Imagine living fearlessly in a relationship. What would it feel like to be totally connected with the one you love? How do you see yourself when you think of living the life you truly desire, with nothing and no one holding you back? If you could live your life with courage and peace, how would you be? What if you stopped waiting for something to happen, and instead you moved ahead in what is happening now? How do you wear confidence? Why would being in love make your life so much more loveable?

Are you willing to take responsibility for you, and begin creating the life of your dreams today? Yes, it’s possible to experience a satisfying, wonder-filled relationship with YOU!

Decision is the difference between living a life of want and experiencing your true desires…plus so much more. Change takes time, while transformation happens in the moment of decision. It’s that moment of engagement, when you say, “YES”…and the love story begins to unfold.

When you choose to live passionately, and pursue the Principle of Pursuit, you will soon find yourself in love…and loving it! It’s time to learn the art of Dating Yourself Well. And I’m here to show you how. It starts with the 5 Phases of Knowing and Loving YOU!

Would you like to know how these 5 phases of Dating YOU look?  Trust me, they will look really good on YOU!

Please let me know in the comments below. Out of all the subjects I teach, this seems to be one of the most fascinating to people. And the one that people’s hearts thirst for the most. Without love, what is there? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?