We’ve all heard the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Yes, you and I may agree. However, taking “great” for granted is a little more subtle.

If you’ve ever wasted a minute of your life wishing you were somewhere else, someone else, or something else, then you’re definitely qualified to read further.

I’ve done it too. We’ve all done it at least once.

It’s in those moments that you postpone the recognition of your greatness or great life because of some belief (conscious or otherwise) that says, “Until ________, then I can’t ___________.” Or the times we get so caught up in the circumstances of what is, that we forget to humbly give thanks for the opportunity to be alive in what is, because we’ve put conditions on the present.

This is a huge mistake.

Having had both my parents tragically killed in a car accident, each day means more to me than ever before. Sometimes the greatest blessing in the midst of tragedy is the reminder that no matter what, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. That includes YOUR LIFE, as well as mine!

This isn’t a cynical thought; it’s reality. The beauty of this reality is the realization that life is great simply because I’m alive! And recognizing this before it’s too late.

Too late is when it’s over. On time, is when we’re IN TIME, regardless of what time it is!

The other day this question popped up in my head, seemingly out of nowhere: “Am I taking a great life for granted?” (Not only a great life…but MY great life.) My answer was a simple pause of reflection, and a humble answer of, “Probably.”

Why? Because there are still times when I find myself living in the past or projecting into the future. Either by making excuses for why (the past) or why not (the future) or when (any day but today).

In these moments we can continue to take great for granted, beat ourselves up for doing so, OR pause and reflect. In those moments recognizing the truth about what is, and the innate greatness of it.

So today I ask this question and I answer, “Nope. Not today. My life is great because I’m committed to creating great right now.”

Great doesn’t happen to you. Great IS YOU and YOUR LIFE.

How?  This is how.

By making great choices NOW, with the first one being how I choose to define great.

I hope you’ll do the same for you and your great life.

Many of you have heard me say that greatness is being in the now. Yes, this is true, but only if you recognize the great that is…now.

How do you define “great” in your life? Please share.

How great is your life? One way to get an insider’s view is to ask yourself some great questions. You can access these questions, and more, in my 9-Point Engagement Evaluation and Engagement Rating (eRATING) Checklist. 

Thanks for being GREAT and for sharing your greatness with me, and those you love!  Please comment below and share if you feel this could help remind someone you love of their great life.

xo  Dr. Shannon