How do we do what we do, and do it successfully?

There are three things we do in life::

1. Something we’ve never done before.  (Like our Sweet 16 Birthday Party)

2. Something we’ve done and it doesn’t go very well.  (Like the first time I tried to bake a Sweet 16 Birthday Cake making my own fondant.)

3. Something we’ve done, and it goes very well.  (Like my second go at making my daughter’s Sweet 16 Cake.)

“Our Stories” are some version of these three scenarios.

What if you could do everything ONE WAY?

Would this make your life a lot more simple and exciting? Of course it would.

Life is complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

This one way of doing everything will help create a happy, sweet, successful life you will LOVE to remember.

Imagine if you approached everything as if you had never done it before?

We always remember our FIRST time (or only time) of doing anything.  Whether it goes well or not, it’s remarkably memorable.

The next time you’re embarking on a certain activity, task or experience, especially one that brings up a bad memory…approach it ONE WAY:  like you’ve NEVER done it before!  Because you haven’t done that particular moment, with those particular people, on that particular day in your journey of life.  EVERY DAY IS A FIRST!

Not unlike a teenager about to celebrate her SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY.  You are anticipating a life full of “FIRSTS”, but you have the bonus of being more experienced, skilled, connected, wise, and prepared than a 16-year old.


Continue to create the Sweetest 20(SWEET)16 ever!!

xo Dr. Shannon