Today I came across this testimonial from a very dear and long-time coaching client of mine.  It made me smile, and feel so grateful that I am blessed to do what I do as a Healing Life Coach.

A lot of times people ask,”What is a Healing Life Coach“?  To which I respond, “I’m a Life Coach that helps bring healing to your life”.

Until our lives are healed at the heart level, the rest is just behavior modification.  Modifying our behavior works temporarily, not unlike motivation moves us for a moment.  However, healing the source of our behavior/life (i.e….beliefs, desires, trust, etc) moves us for a lifetime, just like INSPIRATION does!

Inspiration goes beyond the moment.  It comes from above, down, inside and out.  This is exactly how healing occurs, because it’s how life flows…and goes.

When we flow with the GO of life…we GROW with it!

Thanks again, to the wonderful client that wrote these precious words regarding her coaching experience.  Thanks to all my amazing, and courageous coaching clients and patients that allow me to speak into their lives, and adjust their hearts, minds and spines.  Thank  you for helping me do what I love to do!!!  I am forever grateful…  xo

“She gently led me to insights into myself, my career choice, position, and why I was having some problems. She allowed me to see me, but more importantly, to be my true self. I came to look forward to, and rely on, our meetings to buoy my spirits, keep me grounded and supported. She has led me to me and allowed me to meet and to know myself truly for the first time.

Although I have completed my 12 week session, I am retaining her as my Life Coach. She is one of my loudest cheerleaders, my strongest supporters, my biggest sounding board, and most trusted voice of reason.

Life Coaching is worth the time, money, and energy because at the end, you do get your life back.

And That Is Worth Everything!”