Yes, I’m tying the NOT, and no, that is not a typo.  🙂

You can too.

If you could tie up all your NOTS, it would be much easier to live your Happily Ever After. Don’t you agree?

So often we stop before we go because of the NOTS in our heads. We are NOT good enough, NOT smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, fit enough, young enough, old enough, strong enough, or lovable enough. The list goes on and on.

Enough already!! Your head and heart are getting all tied up in knots and it’s affecting every area of your life. Yes, especially your LOVE…life.

What are you NOT doing right now that you KNOW you must do to commit to your desires?

You’re NOT____________. You are NOT doing this or NOT doing that. You probably have a full list of things you “should” be doing.

I’ve got great news for you. Once you get the revelation that whatever you desire is NOT out there, but in there…your heart…you will begin to say, “I will” to your most attractive “I to-dos”.

It’s easy to see what you’re NOT doing. So put a ring on it and tie the knot with all that follows the NOTS in your life, and do that.

Today is the day to take it to the next level; from “I do NOT” to “I DO”. It’s time to romance (or “bromance”) your date. The date that is TODAY!

Fully engage with it and watch what happens!! Your life will become sweet and filled with Honey…moon, sun, stars, infinity and back. I promise.

TIE THE NOT…Congratulations!

Date Yourself Well… xo Dr. Shannon

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