How to Experience Miracles in Your Life- Part 2…

Today I share the second foundational component of experiencing miracles in your life…FAITH. It’s the substance of your belief, desires, and trust.

Based on this, you will have faith that either moves mountains or creates immoveable ones in your life.

Your life reflects your faith. Your faith is the evidence of your beliefs, desires, and what (and in whom) you trust. If you don’t have faith for miracles…then it’s time to get your HOPES up and uncover your beliefs, desires and trust. Are they based on truth? What is your truth?

Faith isn’t an idea or something that sits around waiting for someone to do something or something to happen.  Faith is evidence of HOPE and action based on what you hope for.  Faith does.  Faith is.

Your belief creates mountains. Your desire allows you to climb them or causes you to cry about them. Your trust moves them.

You get to decide.

Faith creates miracles!

Faith is miraculous!

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xo  Dr. Shannon