Remember going to the eye doctor as a child and being asked which letter is more clear…”A or B”?  Sometimes it was so hard to distinguish the difference.  For me the most stressful part about it was that I wanted to make sure I got it “right”.

Like “right” had anything to do with it. Really? My doctor just wanted to know what I saw.  It wasn’t whether it was right or wrong.  He simply wanted me to report what my eyes were seeing.  Sounds easy, but for many of us it’s not quite so easy.

Life has a way of putting a lot of filters over our eyes, and what we see.  Our vision becomes blurred, and at times may seem so out of focus that we wonder if what we seek is still present.  Are we right?  Are we wrong?

If you have seemingly lost your acuity of vision, perhaps it has more to do with what you are looking at then what you are actually seeing. And most of all where you are looking?

Our eyes are the window to the soul.  But no one hides a lamp that has been lit under a bowl.  Instead the light is placed on a stand for those who come in to see.  Your vision is in your soul.  It’s the stand…your stand!  It was placed there before you were formed in your mother’s womb.  The desires of your heart will lead you to seeing your vision with crystal clarity.  When you look outside for it, often times you will have to peer through layers and layers of circumstances, judgments, darkness, relationships, labels, hurts, heartaches, failures, and/or successes to see what is actually there.  The light in our soul was never meant to be buried, but to shine through!!

If you are looking for the light on the outside, chances are everything in between your vision and what’s happening on the outside will make it very difficult to decipher the true image that is reflected from the inside, out.  When you look inward and allow your light to shine freely, nothing will distract you from your vision.

The vision, light, love that you seek is inside…shining from your core.  And when your eyes get fixed on that view you will perceive everything with 20/20 brilliance!

Focus on the inside, and the light you see will transform your outside.  Believing is seeing!