A dislocation (or “subluxation”, which is any misalignment that is less than a dislocation) is the primary cause of severe dysfunction in the body’s ability to move. Without proper alignment with the attaching bones, ligaments, and tendons, the body will not function properly. Motion is life, and life is motion. Dislocation affects the quality of motion, and therefore…the quality of one’s life!

This happens not only in the area of structure, but also (and more importantly) with the vital function of the nervous system. The nervous system is the lifeline of the body; therefore dislocation (or subluxation) of structure can have life-altering consequences on one’s ultimate existence.

When it comes to the location of you and your dreams…just as bones can become dislocated, so too can you become dislocated or disconnected from your dreams. Your dreams are the lifeline of your spirit. Without dreams, what is there to awaken to? Without a vision people perish. A person dislocated from her/his dream becomes unable to move freely, freely move and live valuably free!

Locating yourself is a paramount step in living a healthy, WELLTHY life. Not only to discover where you are on the way to where you’re going. But also to awaken to the realization of your dreams, and where they are relative to you, and the life you’re living. Relocating your dreams by putting them in front of you instead of behind you moves you towards the life of your dreams.

So many times when I have asked my patients or coaching clients about their dreams, most people will respond with a blank stare. Why is that? I’ve found that many well-meaning individuals have allowed life’s circumstances to come between them and their dreams. This dislocation causes a life-threatening condition that goes beyond the physical because it affects the human soul on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The prognosis is grim, and can lead to many states of dis-ease that often times we blame on the aging process, genetics, or life in general!

The truth is, it’s a state of mind/heart that can be relocated/restored with something as a simple as daring to dream again. By wishing upon the star that is in you, and believing that dreams really do come true.

Try this simple technique of “Dream Dreaming” to reset, and reconnect you with your wildest dreams. Create a list of 111 things that you would LOVE to do if money, life circumstances, age, education, etc. were irrelevant. What if dreams really did come true? What if all things were possible? What if it were possible for you to relocate your dreams? What would you dream to be, do or have?

Ready? Set…GO!


NOTE: Several years ago I did this exercise, and within a few years almost every dream on my list became my reality. Yes, dreams can become true for those who dare to locate their dreams! 🙂