Today I was reviewing old YouTube videos, and came across this gem again. While getting my hair highlighted, I realized that I had forgotten something at my home.  My stylist told me I had 20 minutes of “processing time”, so I decided that was enough time to run home and get what I needed.

What I didn’t expect was that this experience was going to remind me that “fitting in” has more to do with the hole than the peg. I felt so inspired, I had to share. (Foils and all.)

If you’ve found yourself in a transition or you’re trying to change to “fit in”…perhaps it’s time to take a look at the “hole” (WHOLE) you’re trying to fit into.

When it’s a FIT, there is no TRYING!

It’s all about BEING.

When that happens you not only BECOME…YOU BELONG!

If you desire to BELONG…then I’ve got the place for you!

On Wednesday, March 30, I’ll be re-launching my Youtube channel…so please check back for more HOPE AND INSPIRATION.

With new episodes every Wednesday, Dr. Shannon LIVE will inspire you with short + sweet (not TOO sweet) + strategic steps to catapult YOU and YOUR LIFE’S WORK to the next stratosphere. (Or simply the next level for you…whatever that is.)

Whatever your desires or challenges, YOU can love your life + life’s work WELL.

I’m committed to helping you GET UNSTUCK and fully engage in all areas of your life by providing valuable, thought-provoking content on love, creativity, health, WELLTH, spirituality, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, time (life) management, and successfully sharing YOU and your life with the world.

And by the way, “fitting in” is wildly over-rated!

xo  Dr. Shannon