• Show up. If you don’t, who will? It’s your life! The Engaged few show up, and share what they know. The Disengaged many do not. Speaking with a former Champion Boxer, he said that 80% of his success was due to simply showing up. Many want to be in a Ring of Champions when everyone is watching, but few show up when no one’s looking.   If you want to be engaged, show up in the ring every day. Don’t wait to “put a ring on it.”
  • Show some love. If you don’t, who won’t? Everyone. It’s what I call the “Diamond Rule”: People will treat you the way you treat you. If you don’t show YOU the love, others won’t show you enough of the love you’re looking for either. Guaranteed. Yes, you may have others in your life who love you, but if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to let it all in! Yep, you’ve got to let it out to make room to let it in! There’s nothing worse than being full, yet feeling unfulfilled. Let your love shine, my friend.
  • Show others how. Like getting down on one knee. It’s a sign of humility and respect. When we’re willing to bow down and do this, we not only connect with the excellence of humility, but we connect with the heart of the matter. This is called, true service. The ones who are the greatest of all are the ones who serve from a position of respectful humility. In Kindergarten I learned that Show comes before Tell. If you’re not showing it, then it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re telling it. Show it first. Then…
  • Show off. That’s right; scream it from the mountaintops. Afraid or not, say what you need to say. Say what you were born to say. We’re all waiting to hear from you. Allow us to see you, in all your glory. Naked (metaphorically, that is) and unashamed! One of the longings that all we humans have in common is to be validated. In other words, we want people to “see” us. Social media is testament to it. Everyone is looking for anyone who will notice, and pay attention. Did you know that it’s possible to show up, and say not a word, but speak louder than words? Imagine if you showed up in this way, and then you said it? Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak. Engage with your heart, from your heart, and there will be a listening for your message. You’ve got a voice; please use it!
  • Show Time. As an engagement leads to a marriage, similarly, an engaged life leads to a “Merry’d” You. This is your time to publically make a commitment to you and the one you love (YOU), that you will continue to love, honor, and cherish beyond ‘til death do you part.’ Merry and full of joy. The blockbuster is called, YOUR EPIC ENGAGED LIFE!

Live it. Fully Engaged.

xo Dr. Shannon

To learn more about How to Become the Great Lover of Your Life, check out:  www.dateyourselfwell.com.http://www.dateyourselfwell.com

(P.S.  I took this picture in the East Village of my favorite city on earth, New York City 2016.)