As I’m sitting at a local teashop on the Upper East Side, I’ve become acutely aware of the conversation between two middle-aged women sitting next to me. Yes, I guess you could say that I’m officially eavesdropping. But hey, it’s for good reason. I think there is a gem here that needs to be shared. I’m doing it for all y’all!! J

“The spelling bees; hangman on the board; Chinese jump rope…yeah, remember when…?”

It made me think about all the seemingly insignificant things we did as children. But looking back upon all those memories, they are uniquely significant because they were a bit of paint that we placed on our canvas of life. Each color had a hue of meaning and purpose, even if it was simply something to look at and remember forty plus years later!

The best part is that the artistry continues as we define each stroke, and continue to express our stories in this masterpiece called LIFE.

The 3 Steps to living a life you’ll love to remember are:

  1. Use lots of vibrant color, and paint a picture you will love to see for the rest of your life.
  2. Pause to enjoy, and appreciate the process of creating along the way.
  3. Remember that you always have white paint, should you feel the need to change it up a bit.

And of course…keep PAINting…even if it feels a little PAINful at times.