Many people speak and teach about setting goals, but what happens after you reach your goal or hit the target?

If you don’t focus beyond your desired result, it makes it difficult to not only reach it, but also to receive it.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, but you don’t think beyond losing the 10-20 pounds, chances are you’ll gain it right back and then some.


Because reaching your goal is only half of the success. The other half is being able to fully receive the benefits of hitting it.

This is called going beyond your goals.

Today’s lessons about how to go BEYOND your goals come from my experience in the boxing ring, as well as the ring of life.

1. Reach BEYOND it!

Punch all the way through your desired bullseye and fully extend your aim.

Often we’ll stop short. Whether it’s before we hit the goal or immediately after.

I remember taking Driver’s Education in High School (Thank you, Mr. Peterman). We were taught to “aim high in steering.”


Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t safely reach the desired destination!  If you desire a certain result, then you must be willing to aim beyond it.

If a goal’s worth reaching for, then it’s worth receiving and keeping once you do!

2. Step into it.

I would add, “…with all of yourself and your power!”.  Put everything you’ve got into it.

If you desire to become a World Class Swimmer, then you must get all the way into the pool. Get wet. Fully soaked. Saturated with the process of being a World Class Swimmer.

Remember, success isn’t a one time thing. It’s a time for ONE thing…FOCUSED…ALL IN!

3.  Twist your arm a bit.

Every great punch has a little twist at the end of the complete follow-though. This little twist is symbolic of what needs to happen to finish strong.

You may not always feel like going beyond or stepping into it, but with a little twist of your own arm…you can finish strong and do it well!

Last, but not least, you must be willing to fight for what you believe!

Belief is everything, without it…there is no hope. Without hope, you have no power!

How hopeful are you? How engaged are you in life? Are you in the ring of life or are you still trapped in a box, waiting for someone to rescue you?

Wait no longer. I’m here to help.

Getting honest with yourself about how truly engaged or disengaged you are is a necessary place to start.  You can’t go beyond your goals if you’re not fully engaged with them.

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Love Your Life Well!

xo Dr. Shannon