YES, I'm Ready To STOP Talking About My EX...


What began as an idea, or as I like to call it, a “thought flash,” became words spoken from my heart — as I heard an old, familiar tune playing in my head. (But let’s not talk about that, baby!) 🙂

When I said all I needed to say, I pressed “SAVE,” while trusting that when the time was right, the song in written words would become a song of spoken words. With the right RAPPER to speak them.

“When the time is right,” I thought.

Not knowing when, or whom, I set it aside. Although, out of sight, it was not out of mind.

It only took about an hour to write, but discovering the “right time” for it to become an actual RAP song took about 18 months.

Since that day I thought about the song often. Especially when hearing the countless stories from women around the globe who continue to sing the same old tune of “BROKEN BY THE EX.”

It’s like a broken record, but I get it…I was there too at one time!

That was before I realized this…

If I desired to change my story, I MUST begin telling a NEW ONE.

So I did. I chose to sing a different tune.

After beginning the Women Sipping On Life Daily Podcast on August 22, 2017…now over 500 daily episodes into this journey (at the time of writing this)…it’s become apparent that the time is NOW

Who better to feature as our STAR RAPPER, than UNI V SOL?!

Yes, he’s the amazing soul that introduces every podcast episode, and invites you to “listen, subscribe, and invite your best girlfriends” at the end of every message.

And, YES…his name really is UNI V SOL!! (aka Universal.) Truly Divine…

Of course, it only made sense that HE would be our S.O.L. RAPPER.

He brought my words to life!! I’m beyond grateful!!

He even gave me 2 versions to choose from. I haven’t been able to choose…

I LOVE BOTH! So, if you could CAST YOUR VOTE, and help me decide which version is the WINNER, I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve listened to both of them A LOT!! I think I now have a favorite version, but I’d love to hear what WHAT YOU THINK…

Which version is your favorite?

Thank YOU for giving us your ear, heart, and SOL.

Now, it’s time to tell a new story.

It’s your time to sing a new tune, my dear!!


I hope you enjoy listening/singing to it, as much as we do!!

xo Dr. Shannon (+Team SOL)